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Temperature Controllers

We supply a variety of controllers to ensure accurate measurement and precise temperature management within our heat sealing systems.


Accurate temperature measurements allow immediate system modifications if required

Precise temperature control produces the highest integrity seals

Available in digital display and rail mounted formats

Can be supplied as part of a system or stand-alone unit

Our Temperature Controllers

Extremely precise and fast measuring technology is essential in order to accurately determine and control the temperature of our heat sealing technologies to ensure the highest integrity of seals. Our temperature controllers accurately maintain the actual temperature of impulse seal elements via a loop feedback.

Our range of temperature controllers are suited are suited for programming within our heat sealing systems, and they can be retrofitted on packaging machines that seal thermoplastic materials. 

In addition to display versions, with which you can define the complete heat sealing process and enter all sealing parameters directly on the unit, rail mounting versions can also be supplied with interfaces for several different systems.


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