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Our team of engineers are committed to working with customers to develop sealing solutions that maximise process efficiency and support sustainability goals.

Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy

Ceetak’s aim is to deliver a sustainable business model where we will work closely with employees, customers, suppliers in all aspects of sustainability. We will ensure that Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are an integral part of our Company Strategy.

We are committed to actively promote sustainability throughout our business, ensuring yearly reduction of our carbon footprint, responsible and ethical procurement, employees who are diverse, inclusive, and engaged in our sustainability journey, in order to meet or exceed all our stakeholder’s expectations. 

We aim to drive sustainability throughout our supply chain, encourage and support them to hold the same values and goals, set aligned net zero targets, and work together towards a sustainable future.

We specifically focus on design and supply of advanced engineered sealing solutions and Heat Sealing technologies, into demanding applications in sectors including life sciences, electrification, biofuels, hydrogen, renewable energies and packaging, allowing our industry-leading customers to develop innovative products that ensure a cleaner and greener world.

Our goal is to reach net zero in line with UN Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, by setting science-based targets which will aim to minimise our emissions, reduce our impact on the planet, whilst at the same time support the global effort to create a more sustainable, ethical, diverse and fair world for future generations.

Looking After The Environment
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