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Industrial Machine Builders

We work closely with major industrial machine builders in order to integrate our heat sealing technologies at point of manufacture to provide optimum sealing results for users.

About the Industrial Machine Builders market

We work closely with a number of OEM machine builders to supply our heat sealing technologies onto new packaging machines.

These can be supplied by us to the industrial machine builder as component parts, or as pre-built modular heat sealing systems which can be retrofit as an upgraded heat sealing solution to an existing equipment design. This allows industrial machine builders a variety of options, but ultimately to offer our heat sealing technologies to end users as a superior sealing solution compared to traditional methods.

We have a number of customers that have had numerous packaging machines retrofitted with our heat sealing technologies across their factories.

We continue to liaise with their machine suppliers closely to ensure any new equipment supplied to them is fitted with our heat sealing technologies against a specification that is tailored to their requirements.



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