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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Hydraulic and pneumatic sealing systems are used in a variety of different applications in machinery and equipment across all industries. We offer a comprehensive range of sealing products to manufacturers of this equipment.

Market features

Abrasion and extrusion resistant seals and materials for both lubricated and dry air systems

Long service life expectancy and reliability of performance is crucial to avoid downtime of equipment

Hard-wearing seals for mobile hydraulics systems have to perform under demanding conditions

Size ranges include existing ISO standards for installation spaces for piston, rod and wiper seals

About the Hydraulics & Pneumatics Market

Our range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals include:

·        Wipers
·        Rod Seals
·        Piston Seals
·        Cushioning Seals
·        Rotary Seals
·        Flange Seals
·        U Rings
·        Guide Tape Guide Rings
·        Wear Rings
·        Rod Composite
·        Piston Composite
·        Single/Double Acting Piston Seals
·        Sealing Sets
·        2 Shot moulding
·        MIM over moulding
·        Diaphragms

We offer a range of bespoke sizes and common sizes to different standards; pneumatic seals housings to ISO 3320, hydraulic seal housings to ISO 5597, wiper seals to ISO 6195 and PTFE seals to ISO 7425-1.

We specialise in designing diaphragms in special materials for pneumatic actuator applications, and have experience in specifying diaphragm seals for high pressure, long stroke and high and low temperature applications.

We can also manufacture bespoke seals according to our customer requirements. Our application engineers utilise the latest in 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software to design and replicate seal performance before finalising the design for manufacturing.

We manufacture seals in over 100 different compounds suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, formulated from the following material groups;

·        PTFE (virgin and filled varieties)
·        Polyurethane (PU)
·        Nitrile (NBR)
·        Fluorocarbon (FKM)
·        Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene (EPDM)
·        Carboxylated Nitrile (XNBR)
·        Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)
·        Polyester Elastomer (PEE)
·        Polyacetal (POM)
·        Polyamide (PA)
·        Polyetherimide (PEI) 






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