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Heavy Duty Transportation

To keep global transportation on the move, heavy duty vehicles require safety critical and reliable sealing solutions in order to improve dependability and reduce maintenance and downtime

Market features

ISO9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 approved and manufacturing IATF16949:2016 approved

Huge product range for all application conditions

The latest innovations in seal design and materials technology

Broad range of materials specifically developed and accredited for heavy duty applications

About Heavy Duty Transportation

Our extensive range of seals for Heavy Duty Transportation seals include:

·   Rotary lip seals (elastomer and PTFE lip)
·   Labyrinth/cartridge rotary seals
·   O rings and X-rings
·   Bespoke rubber mouldings & gaskets
·   Hydraulic piston, rod and wiper seals
·   PTFE back-up rings

Designing seals into applications for the Heavy Duty Transportation market presents a series of challenges for our engineers.

Application conditions can be demanding; high temperatures, chemical resistance to specific oils and exhaust gases, high shaft speeds and the requirement to prevent the ingress of contaminants such as dirt, grit and mud are all common application characteristics for equipment in Heavy Duty Transportation industries.

Key areas include:
Rail - Brake unit and brake booster systems
Diesel Engines -  Manufacture of engines for off-road vehicles and gen-sets.  Diesel and bio-diesel systems coupled with AdBlue Technology
Agricultural - Manufacture of equipment used in conjunction with tractor towing, power take-off, mowing, spreading, crop collection and trailers
Transportation & Municipal Vehicles - EBS and ABS braking and air suspension systems
Off Road Vehicles - Manufacturers of heavy plant equipment with associated supply industries, 
Specialist Vehicles - Including the manufacture of tracked and MOD vehicles

Key applications in these divisions include brake unit and brake booster systems, radiator and cooling systems, axles and gearboxes and turbochargers.

Within our extensive range of elastomer and engineered plastic materials we have a range of materials suitable for Heavy Duty applications. We offer various grades of Nitrile suitable for mineral oils, Viton compounds for high temperatures and aggressive chemical compatibility, EPDM's for DOT 4 fluids in braking systems and special EPDM's for glycol resistance within radiator and cooling systems.

Our application engineers utilise the latest in 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software to design and replicate automotive seal performance before finalising each individual seal design, incorporating significant feature and critical function elements for integration with customer mating parts. We offer material development and testing, and a component endurance testing service.

We have a dedicated team of Quality Engineers and Quality Inspectors ensuring that advanced product quality planning is at the heart of of quality function and we provide our customers with First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), Measurement Analysis (MSA), Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R) studies, CPK & PPK studies, Process FMEA, PPAP Level 3 completion and part re-validations where required.




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