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General Industry & Bespoke

Our technologies can be used in any application that requires a heat seal process. From basic packaging requirements to complicated shapes for product development, we can provide bespoke solutions for all industries.

About the General Industrial & Bespoke market

When heat sealing thermoplastic materials - the opportunities are endless. Our heat sealing technologies are not restricted to any type of product or market; if an application requires heat sealing - we can provide a solution.

Our key heat sealing technologies include; Low Voltage Heat (LVH), Quick Pulse Heat (QPH), ImPulse Heat (IPH), Profiled Die Heat (PDH), Continuous Rotary Heat (CRH), Continuous Band Heat (CBH) and Hot Air Heat (HAH) sealing. Here are some examples of where our engineers have designed them into customer applications across a variety of general industries;

Document protection and preservation - we designed and built a bespoke machine for our customer who manufactures specialist wallets for important document storage.

Aggregates and building materials - we retrofitted a heat sealing technology module to our customers existing conveyor packaging line to seal large bags of aggregates in a challenging application environment.

Glass fibre material - in order to seal layers of glass fibre filled fabric into sheet form, we supplied our customer with a bespoke machine build. Once sealed into sheet form the materials are then used for machining into parts for automotive applications.

Washing powders - a multinational consumer goods company has been trialling one of our heat sealing technologies on their VFFS packaging machines for a specific washing powder product with the view to retrofit other packaging production lines.

Insulation panels - we designed and installed a bespoke machine for our customer who specialises in the manufacture of vacuum insulation panels. Our machine seals different sized insulation blocks ready for installation.



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