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Food Processing

Our heat sealing technologies create the highest integrity seals to maintain packaging aesthetics, reduce film costs and preserve food quality and shelf life.

About the Food Processing market

Our key heat sealing technologies include; Low Voltage Heat (LVH), Quick Pulse Heat (QPH), ImPulse Heat (IPH), Profiled Die Heat (PDH), Continuous Rotary Heat (CRH), Continuous Band Heat (CBH) and Hot Air Heat (HAH) sealing.

They are suitable for a variety of application types specific to the food processing and packaging market, including product bagging, conveyor sealing, overwrapping and tray and lid sealing.

Our engineers have extensive experience in designing, building and supplying heat sealing solutions to our customers within the food processing industry.

We have supplied heat sealing technologies to a number of customer packaging production lines, with products including frozen food, fresh produce and salad bagging. This has included retrofit of technology to existing customer VFFS machines, and also liaising with their OEM supplier to fit technology to any new machines they may purchase.

As well as retrofit, we design complete bespoke machine solutions and are familiar with the challenges associated with applications within food processing environments. We designed and installed a complete machine for a customer who required a specialist insert heat sealed into packaging on a fresh meat production line.

We have extensive experience in pouch sealing with special valve inserts and have supplied a number of customers with heat sealing technology to produce large transportation and storage bags for dairy products, juices, wine and other liquids.

We can provide heat sealing solutions for lid and tray sealing associated with prepared food and ready meal applications.

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