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Lamb Weston®

A world leading brand in high quality potato products, and sold in over 100 countries around the world. Supplying frozen potato products to customers in the Food Service, Quick Service, Industry and Retail market segments.

Lamb Weston


Lamb Weston


Food Processing

The Project

The Application
Heat sealing technology retrofit for bagging machines for frozen potato products

Our Solution
Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) sealing technology; a cyclic system which can be used on all thermoplastic films. It incorporates a unique seal bar and anvil design to create a narrow width, patterned seal for material savings with superior performance characteristics

The Results
A decrease in film costs and spares. The quality of the seals and overall appearance of the packs have been improved with a significant reduction in the amount of reworks required.  Due to outstanding results, within months Lamb Weston had invested in the retrofit of QPH sealing technology on the remaining bagging machines across their whole packaging production line, and saw a significant percentage decrease in film use immediately.
Operatives have reported positive feedback on the ease of use of the technology and increased productivity has been achieved due to minimal maintenance and reduced downtime.


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